Speedies® Foundation

With flat feet for soft and uneven surfaces such as gravel, insulation or foil.

A brand new Swedish concept of spacers for steel mats in an armed concrete floor. The application of spacers is four times as fast as traditional spacers! Moreover, the Speedies® are always good and can easily be distributed over the surface with a handy Drop stick. Inexpensive, safe, ergonomic and lightning-fast. Time is Money!

  • High-speed spacers.
  • Saves approximately 75% time!
  • On average 1 to 1.5 pieces per m2.
  • Very efficient and therefore cheap!
  • Loads up to 400 kg.
  • Responsibly sustainable.

Speedies®. A new standard for speed and economy.

Article no:Name:
10122002SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 20 mm with spikes
10122004SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 25 mm with spikes
10122006SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 30 mm with spikes
10122008SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 35 mm with spikes
10122010SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 40 mm with spikes
10122012SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 50 mm with spikes
10122014SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 60 mm with spikes
10122016SPEEDIES FOUNDATION 70 mm with spikes

Price on request