Speedies® Ceiling

With pointed feet for hard surfaces and minimal impression in the concrete surface.

From the same Swedish workmanship, the spacers for steel mats are in an armed ceiling. The Speedies® for ceilings have pointed feet for on hard surfaces and for minimal visibility in the concrete. These Speedies® can also be divided with a Drop stick.

  • High-speed spacers.
  • Saves approximately 75% time!
  • On average 1 to 1.5 pieces per m2.
  • Very efficient and therefore cheap!
  • Loads up to 400 kg.
  • Responsibly sustainable.

Speedies®. A new standard for speed and economy.

Article no:Name:
11221003SPEEDIES CEILING SH20, 20mm with spikes
11221005SPEEDIES CEILING SH25, 25mm with spikes
11221007SPEEDIES CEILING SH30, 30mm with spikes
11221009SPEEDIES CEILING SH35, 35mm with spikes
11221011SPEEDIES CEILING SH40, 40mm with spikes
11221013SPEEDIES CEILING SH50, 50mm with spikes

Price on request